There's been a break in the case!!!

Long story short: They found some of our stuff and are charging the guy who the cop thought did it the entire time.

Unfortunately they only found part of the stuff and hopefully will find the rest soon!!! or he'll not be an ass and tell the cops where the rest of the stuff is.

SUPER EXCITED!!! *but cautious at the same time seeing as the big ticket items are the ones still missing*


Life Update

Well it's been a rough couple of weeks. Here's a rough outline of my life for the last 2 weeks:
1. Went to MKE to clean and paint the old appartment
2. Came back to APL to discover that some one jacked a bunch of our stuff but seened to only take certain things and not all of the things that could have been sold.
3. Spent 2.5 to 3 hours with the cops explaining what was all missing and finding out what we could do about it
4. Became physically sick because of it (was only for a couple of hours)
5. Next day discovered that they took my husband's car for a joy ride since we took my mom's car to MKE
6. Called the cops to update them on what happened and to add to the list of things that were missing (this continued for a couple of days)
7. Applied for even more jobs, had an interview, wasn't going to be enough hours, applied for more jobs
8. Went to the farmers market and found awesome local produce and tried Thai Iced Tea, it was very good!
9. Organized the whole apartment in a 3 day span to try to be productive.
10. Started to knit a "cat blanket" (will post pics soon, if I can locate my camera) for my mom's cats. It's a rag yarn rug/blanket thing. My kittens love the one I made them so my mom bought me the supplies to make her cat's one
11. Had to drive down to MKE for a couple of classes and got to hang out with my cousin for a couple of days.
12. Got a call for an interview next week (hopefully I'll get the job!!! or I seriously might go insane!)

While I'm all for stay at home moms and dads and would LOVE to be one when we have our children, it's very hard to stay at home when there are no children and since we only have the one car and our bikes need some serious work I'm essentially stuck at home all day and the only social interaction I am receiving right now is from my husband (I did do lunch with a friend and her son last week which was awesome) which is totally different then what I am used to. It has been a shock to my system, and while I needed the down time, I am more then ready to get back out there!