UGH!!!! I so love being yelled at at work for the dumbest reasons... I can't wait to hear back from the two other jobs I'm trying to get so I can put in my two weeks notice. Meeting with one of the bosses of one of the new jobs tomorrow to discuss scheduling and hopefully will hear back by the end of the week from the other. Truthfully I'm at the point where I may just put in my two weeks at this stupid job whether or not I get the second job. The first of the two new jobs is going to pay me better and offers benefits to part timers and I can probably get upwards of 35 hours a week which would be just fine with me.

UGH!!! stupid people...


Today's Events...

Today I have not only the Bridal shower for my sister-in-law but also her bachellorette party as well.

So we'll go from cupcakes and presents (above) to alcohol, dancing and shenanigans (below)!!

Should be a good day!

What are your plans for the day?


Thoughts of Childhood

It's amazing how a simple song can bring back so many memories, let alone a whole Pandora playlist dedicated to playing songs from my childhood (and truthfully up until now since I still love to watch my ever growing collection of Disney movies). 

If you enjoy Disney movies and the music from them as much as I do listen to Pandora's Disney Songs and Stories. It's very cool. It has some other non Disney songs in it as well (for example it's now playing Superman (It's not easy) by Five for Fighting but I'm okay with that because it's a reminder of Smallville which my husband and I watched together. 

What songs have the most memories for you?


In my neck of the woods...

I never really understood that saying but anyway!

I have a job now! Thank goodness!!! I was feeling like I was getting cabin fever!!! Not having a car and seeing that in Appleton things are a bit more spread out then in Milwaukee and the buses suck here I couldn't really get anywhere. But that is now over. We are going to start looking for a car for me and hopefully get one soon. It's nice because right now since we only live like a couple of miles from either of our works if one of us has to work longer then the other we just drop whoever works first off and then they walk home which typically takes like half an hour for either of us. We have fixed my bike too and if we have car issues or if I just feel like biking to work I can do that. With the temp as warm still as it is though I don't really want to show up for work all sweaty and what not and then have to work for at least 6 hours like that. but when the temp drops a bit more I will definitely take advantage of that!

Well that is all for now! We both have off tomorrow so we will be spending some nice quality time together which will be awesome!