New Jobs!

Started at TOP today. Just did stuff on the computer mainly. Have more to do between tomorrow and Thursday and have to get my liquor license thing sometime too before I can sell. Hopefully will get that done on Thursday. Boss said it takes about 3 hours, friend who took it said it took closer to 4. Only scheduled for 3 so I hope I can get it done in that time. Got over half way done with all of the computer stuff today so should be able to finish it all tomorrow crossing my fingers.

Going to fill out paper work for the other job next Monday. Have to find a shirt for that job still that fits me right. Long sleeve white button up shirt... seriously how hard can it be to find one right? SUPER HARD!!! Looked in the guys section but since I'm happily "well endowed" the men's shirts are not cut right for my shape and since I have short arms if I go up a size the arms will be too long or the neck to big. Might see how much it would cost to tailor a men's shirt to a more womanly shape if need be. Still on the hunt for one. Have till the nineteenth to find one but with working both jobs right now on the same days, one early and one late, it will be hard to find time to search the stores to find one. Looked at two so far with no luck and kinda looked at a third.

Very happy that my mom was willing to buy me pants though. I have 2 pairs of black nice pants but need more seeing I'll probably be working at least 6 days a week between the two new jobs. She also got me new black shoes because she doesn't think flats are the best to be standing in for however long I'll be standing on my feet. And she got me a whole bunch of black socks. While personally I prefer to wear the craziest colored socks I can find it's not very professional for an Assistant Manager to be wearing crazy socks to work with black pants and shoes.

I can't wait to be done at my current PT job and start my new FT + new PT job together. I am happy though that I did start the new PT job before I started the FT job so that I have time to train as much as possible before having to train at the FT job.

I also can't wait to get a car of my own. That is my goal for this week. Found a couple at a dealership 30 minutes north of here that might work and we'll hopefully go on Friday to look at them because both my husband and I have off and will be able to go look. While I'm not looking forward to the car payment or having to pay for gas, it will be a huge stress release to finally have my own car and not have to borrow my dad's or have to make my husband walk or bike home from work or have to walk home myself, especially with Wisconsin's crazy weather (for all we know it could start to snow tomorrow!).

Crossing my fingers!

Any big goals for yourself this week? Or this month?

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