So I've been working 60+ hour weeks lately which is always fun. I have also had to work for my full time job at a completely different store but as of Sunday I get to to and work at my own store which will be nice and save me some gas!

I bought a car since my last post (I think it was since my last post). Black 2009 Nissan Sentra. I <3 it a lot. I forgot how convenient it is to have a car.

Life has been pretty smooth lately though I am going to have to sit down with my boss from my part time job and change what she thinks she can schedule me for. Don't get me wrong I WANT THE HOURS!!! but when she schedules me for 29 and I work 40 at my full time job that means ~70 hours in one week.... While people call me crazy for having two jobs... I'M NOT THAT CRAZY!!! I understand that we are short staffed but then she needs to get hiring so that we are not!

We just celebrated our one year wedding anniversary. If someone can tell me where the last year went I'll give them a cookie. Seriously I can't believe it has been over a whole year now! We also celebrated his sister's wedding almost a month ago already! It's crazy how fast time goes by when you are not paying too much attention to it.

We have started discussing buying a house and trying to figure out where it is that we want to live and what we want and so forth. I think hubby wants to have a house before kids which I can see why but I just hope we can afford both at once if required. I think we'll be renting for at least another year unless we find something we really like and can afford on top of our school loans and personal loans. I'm so not looking forward to getting my school loan bill and having to start paying for it! Can't my fairy godmother or someone show up and poof them away? Cause that would be AWESOME!!!!

I want to plan a road trip to visit friends and family down in Milwaukee but I really can't afford to take off from both jobs for however long I want to go for and I REALLY don't want to drive down there once it starts snowing. I may have to wait till spring which will TOTALLY BLOW!!!! I'll have to find a way to make it work.

ALSO... WE FOUND MY LAPTOP!!!! While we have a good idea of the possible location of my husband's as well (and hopefully our DSR camera), we still are looking for them, and my Nook Color. But we have mine and it is sitting in evidence so that it can be used against the SOB who took our stuff. Hopefully he'll give up where he put the other stuff and we'll get the rest back too.. But at least there is even more evidence for us to use against him. It also doesn't hurt that he's been sitting in jail since the beginning of July and now his mom is in jail too!


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