Class today

So today in class we did an exercise known as Constructive Rest. It was a slightly different technique but it's about the same. I had a huge mental and physical reaction to the sequence and the relaxation.

This is what I discovered. While it takes me time to finally release and relax, I had to first become fully aware of my surroundings simply through sound and then figure out where my arms had to be to be able to relax. While the teacher was coaching us to begin to relax from our head down I had to start at my feet and move up and release all the tension and whatever else I was holding on to out of the top of my head. I also noticed that my hands had to be at my side because the pull on my back was too much when I was "hugging" myself as the teacher called it and with my arms to the side it helped to me to relax. I also noticed that at one point I really wasn't thinking about anything and had the thought cross my head that I wasn't thinking about anything and how odd and eye opening it felt to be able to do that.

While this definitely isn't the easiest thing to do right off the bat and I think that as I continue to practice this I will be able to reach that deep quite spot inside of me in a more efficient way and will be able to stay in that spot were I am no longer thinking about the things that are trivial and will learn more about myself.

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