The Power of Smell

It's crazy how much smell can effect a person. When I entered the elevator today to take the wash down to the basement to wash and I was over come by this very familiar smell which I haven't had the pleasure of smelling for quite sometime, like 10 years. It was a very minty aftershave which reminded me of my Great-Grandpa who passed away 10 years ago. It reminded me of his awesome hugs and how when my family went to visit my mom's side about every 2 to 3 weekends how he would scoop my sister and me into these awesome bear hugs. It was quite the surprise to stumble upon the sent. I got the feeling as if I wasn't alone and in that moment and that he was there with me. I understand that while the smell was left by whoever was in the elevator before me, I truly believe that he was there with me for that minute. The smell was completely evaporated when I entered the elevator to return to my apartment and I find myself wishing that it would have lingered a bit longer so I could feel his present longer.

Have you ever felt the presence of a long lost loved on? Did the place make sense or was it an odd spot like mine was?
Can't wait to hear your stories!

On another note: By request I will be posting some of my artwork in the next few days when I find all of my pictures. Please come back and see them! and Give my your feed back.

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